A wide variety of aluminium billets

Using proven technologies and specialized tools, we manufacture a wide range of aluminum billets:

  • 40 potential alloys
  • 30 different diameters (from 81 mm to 254 mm)
  • Multiple lengths (from 355 mm to 5500 mm)

Our plant is one of a very few in the world to produce billets as small as 81 mm in diameter! In addition to offering a wide range of standard alloys, we can design made-to-measure billets to suit your specific requirements. By choosing the expertise of Shawinigan Aluminium, you are sure to obtain a product according to your requirements. Batch homogenization and controlled cooling chambers enable us to be very precise in the thermal treatments.

Prized for their quality and versatility, our billets are purchased and transformed by several industries evolving in various sectors. Among these are manufactures of pressurized cylinders, automobile parts, heat exchangers, construction material, transportation equipment, consumer goods, etc.

The same irreprochable quality

Although offered in various alloys and several sizes, our billets have one characteristic in common: they are all designed according to the same quality standards, the highest in our industry. We succeed in designing aluminum billets of consistent high quality thanks to the precious know-how of our team. Shawinigan-Aluminium Quality policy.

Since the construction of our plant more than a half a century ago, we have always attached great importance to the quality of our products. Today, thanks to the acquisition by the Groupe Sotrem-Maltech and private interests, our casting centre takes advantage of new facilities, modern technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. These major investments allow us to pursue our mission with conviction, offering you the best aluminum billets on the market while respecting the environment.

Entrust us with the manufacturing of your aluminum billets.

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