Multiple lengths, from 305 to 5500 mm, our aluminum billets are made-to-measure from prime metal with low GHE emissions (less than 2 tons of CO2/per tonof aluminum). They thus respect the highest quality standards of the industry, while at the same time reducing the impact on the environment

  • 40 Different high quality alloys: series 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx.
  • 81 Millimeters: our smallest size among our 30 diameters up to 254 mm.
  • 50 000 Metric tons per year with plans to increase this capacity on the short term.

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  • 24 Jul



    Explosions as a result of water/molten metal contact are well known accidents in the metallurgical industry that sometimes have significant human and material consequences. Following the reception of aluminum turning at our sister Cie Sotrem, in which we found a plastic cleaner container, it seems essential to remind us of this important safety rule. 

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  • 15 May

    PRESS RELEASE MAY 16, 2018

    Shawinigan Aluminium obtains a subsidy for its project of Energy Efficiency

    Shawinigan, May 8, 2018: Shawinigan Aluminium forges ahead with its project of replacing the burner of the maintaining furnace by a pair of regenerative ones. The plant manager M. Patrice Dupuis made the announcement during the press conference today. “This technology is considerate to be one of the most valuable on the market in regard to efficiency and energy savings. According to the results of the study made by Hatch enginering, this replacement will reduce our gas consumption of 20% for the same amount of remelted metal.”

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A wide range of billets

World-renowned expertise

Thanks to its years of experience, our team masters the steps of alloying, casting and homogenizing billets perfectly.

Our expertise in chemistry, metal cleanliness and metallurgy is appreciated by 60 customers, evolving in various sectors of activity, including companies specializing in the manufacturing of pressurized cylinders, heat exchangers, automotive applications, construction material as well as consumer goods.

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Obvious choice

Shawinigan Aluminium is more than billets. It’s also:

  • World class equipment
  • Made-to-measure billet sizes
  • Extensive technical knowledge
  • Top quality aluminium
  • An experienced multidisciplinary team
  • ISO 9001 certification