Shawinigan Aluminium obtains a subsidy for its project of Energy Efficiency

Shawinigan, May 8, 2018: Shawinigan Aluminium forges ahead with its project of replacing the burner of the maintaining furnace by a pair of regenerative ones. The plant manager M. Patrice Dupuis made the announcement during the press conference today. “This technology is considerate to be one of the most valuable on the market in regard to efficiency and energy savings. According to the results of the study made by Hatch enginering, this replacement will reduce our gas consumption of 20% for the same amount of remelted metal.”


The furnace implied in this project is used to remelt aluminum sows. The molten metal is then directed to feed the casting pit for billets manufacturing. The conventional burner presently used is working with cold air and natural gas and has an approximate burning efficiency of 50%. The burning efficiency percentage will increase to reach 80% with the installation of the new selected burners and consequently will permit the reduction of gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The increased combustion efficiency will not only have a positive effect on gas usage by metric tons but will also favour an important increase of the metal melting capacity.

“It is our objective to reduce the cost of production and our environmental footprint and, furthermore, this project improves two sustainability formula aspects,” says M. Dupuis.

This project is made possible thanks to the granting of a subsidy to Shawinigan Aluminium by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Green Fund of the EcoPerformance program. GNA Alutech is the company chosen for the realization of the project. This investment is in connection with the objective of the strategic plan to keep our leading position in the specialized aluminum billets manufacturing.


                  Source: Danielle Coudé,          Communication Groupe Sotrem-Maltech. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.