Our history

More than half a century working with aluminum

The Shawinigan plant began its operations in 1942 under the Alcan banner in Shawinigan, the city where the first aluminum casting in Canada was conducted in 1901. The billet casting centre opened its doors a few years later, in 1957, alongside the already established electrolysis. It conducted its activities under the Alcan banner, then under Rio Tinto Alcan until October 2013, when the Söderberg technology had become obsolete and the pot rooms were closed.

Rich in history and legacy, the casting centre maintains today its operations as Shawinigan Aluminium inc., a distinct company of Groupe Sotrem-Maltech, which in taking possession, allowed jobs to remain in the "Cité de l’énergie", cradle of Canadian aluminum.

Our way of doing things

State-of-the-art equipment for optimal quality

We manufacture superior quality aluminum billets by using state-of-the-art equipment. The stringent process control using chemical and metallographic analysis guarantees that our billets of various alloys meet a wide range of specifications. The practices developed over the years and the versatility of our casting equipment allow us to produce billets as little as 81 mm in diameter! Our sawing centre also contributes to meeting the specific needs of our customers.

To ensure efficient control and a safe environment, we impose strict standards on all workstations and are equipped with automation and production monitoring softwares recognized by the industry.

Our team

So much experience and expertise

Shawinigan Aluminium has sixty unionized employees, many of whom boast of having over 30 years experience, as well as twenty knowledgeable managerial staff. The technical team in charge of production comprises excellent qualified metallurgists, engineers, technicians and supervisors. Although it has recently been acquired by new shareholders, our casting centre has preserved its solid expertise developed over the years by inviting its workers and its operators to continue their career in the new entity. Although our team excels in its field, it benefits from continuing education so that our company remains a world leader in the aluminum industry.

Our vision

Customer satisfaction for years to come

We put every effort into ensuring the sustainability of the company by establishing long-lasting relationships, investing in our installations and manufacturing quality products.

In a future-oriented spirit, Shawinigan Aluminium inc. and the “Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de Shawinigan Aluminium inc.” (CSN), representing production and maintenance employees, have reached an agreement on a labor contract that will continue until the end of 2022.

Therefore, with this strong commitment by our dynamic team, we will continue to serve satisfied customers everywhere in the world for years to come. We will always ensure that our customers can grow with us.

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